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Speech of the Mayor of the Municipality

The Tourist Information Guide of the Municipality of Ferizaj represents an important step in the best promotion of the natural, economic, and cultural resources, as well as the tourist potential of the Municipality of Ferizaj. As such, having been prepared in detail in order to reveal as vividly as possible and not only make our resources easily accessible to those who are interested, but to serve as a main reference for every visitor interested in getting to know the history, the diverse culture, economic development, natural beauty, and the most important sites that Ferizaj offers.

That being the case, this Tourist Information Guide of the Municipality of Ferizaj is one of the basic documents that identifies what Ferizaj really stands for – a city, a symbol of economic development, of tremendous tourism potential, and rather, it represents one more tourist option for citizens across the country, as well as for the locals – our fellow Ferizaj citizens – and, of course, for many foreign visitors and many local and foreign businesses.

Ferizaj has the tourism potential which is reflected in two points of view. The first one is related to the natural assets and monuments in which the local institutions have already undertaken actions for their preservation and promotion. This is also diversified with the extraordinary landscape, the mountain ranges that surround a significant part of the territory of Ferizaj – with a reference point being the village of Jezerc which has proved to be a potential for development of tourism, without leaving aside other areas with extraordinary tourist potential presented in the form of agrotourism. Secondly, the favourable geographical position, the dynamics of economic development, mass visitors from other nearby centers inside and outside the country, the history of the city’s development, the cultural and ethnic diversity, the young age of the population and the distinction from other municipalities with regards to entrepreneurship, are just some of the starting points that reflect the tourist potential of the Municipality of Ferizaj and which have successfully been presented and introduced in this tourist guide.

Now, having this Tourist Information Guide available, visitors from both outside and inside Kosovo will find it easier to orient themselves, to access and get to closely know sites which make Ferizaj an important center, distinguished by its peculiarities and its diverse potentials throughout the national geography.

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